Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~These Hands~

This was a particularly unusual drawing for me. It was for a school project last year that I only just got around to photographing. Our goal was to take a few magazines and collage images to then replicate through a different media. Knowing me I had to make this complicated. Hands are one of my weaknesses, and I thought it was time to tackle drawing them. 
The end product I am very happy with. It's A4 in size and done with watercolours, and is for Sale~ <3

Have a good one guys~


Little Vega

These are some gorgeous shots that my brother took of my first bronze sculpture "Vega". She's about 30cm tall. Solid bronze. Brown and green patina. She is for sale. <3 

Have a great day~
<3 Amy.

~ Painting a day ~

I have been taking part in a little project with some wonderful people, that Jubly-Umph has organised.
Jubly-Umph is an absolutely gorgeous little jewellery shop that sells tattoo inspired rockabilly goods, definitely hit up the link and check her out because they're gorgeous.
These are the three pictures I've done thus far. It's nice being able to challenge yourself and attempt themes you wouldn't usually. It's also given me a chance to work on my illustrative skills and tattoo-like lines.

Day 1- Furor in a Flower <3 - Watercolour ~Sold~

Day 2- Cogs, Cupcakes and Creatures of the deep - Watercolour ~Sold~

Day 3- Haunted House - Watercolour - For Sale <3

Day 4 is Cthulhu/Occult looking forward to drawing a luscious lady with some tentacles~

Have a great day everyone <3