Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chisholm Open Studios - Opening Night

Last night was my art school's Open Studio opening night <3 Together with amazing company, great music, cheap wine teamed with absolutely gorgeous art from some of the most keenest upcoming artists. It was a real hit. I was really surprised to see so many people rock up and it was a really successful night <3 Here's some of the photos I've managed to scour off my brother and my grandfather of the night.

Speeches <3

Winning an award <3 I was so chuffed

Surrounded by friends and family~

I owe a lot too my teachers this year~ It's been a learning curve <3

My artwork on the walls~ The black and white one sold on the night <3 

Looking at all the sculptures~ The guy in the far back is my brother, the blondie is my sister <3

The Band~

My headpeice~ Will post better pictures later <3 They are for sale

 My sculpture~ Will also post a better picture. Also for sale~

My bronze sculpture, will post work in progress, and better photos.

The little red dot there was the highlight of my night~ Sold <3

Myself and my deer. Probably the epitome of my artwork in that exhibition I'm very proud of that one~ And it usually takes me a bit to be proud of something <3
I really hope you enjoyed my pictures. More posts to come soon

<3 Amy.

ALSO~ Please feel free to drop by the exhibition, I'm not too sure how long it will run for, but definitely in the next couple of weeks or so it should be open~ Please have a bit of a wander. A good time to buy cheap art from possibly soon to be famous up and coming artists~ <3

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